Lizard man and desert


On a forgotten desert world, The Doctor is reluctantly recruited on a treasure hunt.

Tired and battered, The Doctor is stranded on a desert planet. Despite his efforts to disengage, he becomes caught up in a hunt for a legendary treasure when a young scavenger called Jenny arrives at his camp. She wants to know what happened to her father, who vanished searching for it. But the truth of this treasure is far stranger than anyone can guess.

  • The Doctor - Joe Binks
  • Jenny - Amy Elizabeth
  • Hugh - Gareth Preston
  • Axel - Gary St John
  • Jospeh Stien - Adrian Hudson
  • Neils / Sgt Dix - Tommy Binks
  • Dad - Paul Griggs
  • Young Jenny - Simone Alexander
  • Written by Adrian Hudson
  • Theme Music - Leatherbarrow
  • Incidental Music - Tommy Binks
  • Script Editor - Matt Edsen
  • Producer - Gareth Preston
Haunted house


A haunted mansion, a team of 1950's ghost hunters, and a Time Lord

For years, Hammer Manor has been infamous for its atmosphere of evil. The madness of its original owner, Sir Lumley Hammer, has become part of local folklore and the mysterious deaths and disappearences during seances in 1891 and 1910 have only confirmed the house's haunted reputation.
But now in 1935, a group of ghost hunters have arrived to apply their modern techniques to the mystery and discover the truth. By accident, amongst their number are the Doctor and Jenny. Together they must face a night of terror and solve a mystery which has been waiting since before the Stone Age, because unless they can, the future of our world may be wiped out.

  • The Doctor-Joe Binks
  • Jenny - Amy Elizabeth
  • Albert Parry - Clive Burnett-Hurst
  • Freddy Churchill - Adrian Baradell
  • Elizabeth Dixon - Emma Lansdown
  • Sir Lumley Hammer - Paul Ebbs
  • Other parts played by members of the cast
  • Writer - Zoltán Déry
  • Theme music - Leatherbarrow
  • Incidental music - Peter Wicks
  • Script Editor - Matt Edsen
  • Producer and Director - Gareth Preston
Angry human mutant

The Chattath Factor

Savage wild creatures attack a 19th century English village.
The TARDIS brings the Doctor and Jenny to a not so sleepy village, where a vicious monster is stalking the locals, already killing once. In his country house, Dr Winston is working on a grand project to evolve the human race beyond sin. Mad science mixes with lust and only the time travelers can expose the truth and confront a misguided conspiracy. If they can’t - a new race of monsters will be born.
  • The Doctor - Joe Binks
  • Jenny - Amy Ward
  • Dr Joseph Winston - John Ainsworth
  • Rebecca - Katie Boltain
  • Samuel - Gary St John
  • Mr Raven - Gareth Preston
  • Inspector Crawford - Kevin Hiley
  • Josh - Carl Bowler
  • Londoner - Becky Bowler
  • Writer - Will Hadcroft
  • Theme Music - James Leatherbarrow
  • Incidental Music - Peter Dudley
  • Script Editor - Lawrence Ahlemeyer
  • Produced and Directed - Gareth Preston
  • Artwork - Bill Hollweg