Issue 6

So far the reaction to Second Chance has been very positive but I'd love more feedback. Any reviews will appear on the website unless you'd prefer it not to. Work continues on various scripts, including our brand new series of which more news soon.

The new issue of SFX #69 features Second Chance (listed as Fine Line #6) in their Farenheit 451 column on page 24. Hooray! Well at least it sounds like they listened to it.

Are you going to Panopticon 2000? If so, look out for the stall being run by John Isles who'll be selling Fine Line CD's alongside his marvellous fanzine Stone Circle (issue #7). So why not say hello? Hope you have a good time there.

New links have been added to the website including The Wolves of Fenric, a site dedicated to SF news and fan activity. Plus The Secret of NIMH archive for fans of that splendid film. Hopefully I'll be adding some new, substantial material to the website before long. Hope this finds you well, bye for now,

Gareth Preston
Tuesday, August 29, 2000

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