Issue 12

Once again Fine Online comes out of the blue to convince the world that Fine Line is still active :-) Actually we've been busy but just not to the point of releasing a new story, but now all that is behind us. Prepare for a sudden rush of product!

Doctor Who

"Final Frame" is finished! What a weight off my mind. You can now order in confidence (the usual £5 to the usual address). 'Season One' is complete and it's the end of an era. Lawrence Ahlemeyer's script is fantastic and it should be a very satisfying conclusion I hope.

The Doctor is a patient on a present day mental ward. Have all the Fine Line stories been imaginary? If not, why can't he remember how he got there? And why is he human?

Joining Joe Binks are FL alumni: Lawrence Ahlemeyer, Mark Lenton, Gareth Preston, John Isles and Andrew Crines. Guest starring: Nigel Peever (BBV, Audio Visuals and lots more), Trina McGreggor (Timebase) and Rupert Booth (Timebase, Big Finish). Incidental music by the talented Chatri Apornistri. Plus a cover by Kenny Davidson.

FF is the first story to get a dual premiere. As well as the CD, you'll be able to download a mono MP3 version from "" for free! A CD quality MP3 version will also be included on the compilation CD-ROM.

Yes an official Fine Line MP3 CD-ROM

Partially following requests, partially to gain new listeners and partially because it's fun to compile it, I'm releasing a compilation CD-ROM of all our stories so far. As well as the seven stories, this disc will contain:

It's £5 and available alongside the other CD's.


By a twist of fate, the season two story, "Madhouse" will be available - unofficially - fairly soon. It will not be advertised on the site or on public forums until after the first story of season two is ready. I'm just waiting for the music to be composed by in demand composer Peter Wicks, but as soon as it's ready I'll let you know. Written by Zoltan Dery, author of BBV's "The Green Man", it's an excellent haunted house story with a SF twist and features the return of Clive Burnett-Hurst ("Trick of the Light"'s Mr Parry) in a new role as well as Amy Elizabeth in her new regular role as Jenny.

Agents of Psyence

"Bloodlines" the follow-up to the pilot story by Rik Hoskin and Gareth Preston has been partly recorded and hopefully will be ready for the start of summer. In the meantime, scripts have now been completed for the third and fourth stories, with the rest of the series commissioned and planned out. Hopefully we'll record at least two more stories this year, even if they are not released before December. But my intention is to increase the release rate significantly this year.

The other innovation is a planned move to, an MP3 host who will also make professional CD's on demand. "Truth and Bone" will be available as an episodic download whilst future stories will be able to be downloaded for a token 50c payment, as well as being available to buy on CD. will ship internationally. Hopefully this will bring our stories to a whole new audience. Only original material will available from

As part of this change, the Fine Line website will altering as well. All the audio Doctor Who material will move to the Timelord website as will the ordering page. The remaining site will be focused on Agents of Psyence and any other original projects of ours.

Plugging Zone

Simon Bowland's small press comic "Nucomix" features new work by Rik Hoskin. "Eccentrix" is a horror thriller set in the same world as "Agents of Psyence" and fills in a little more of the background, as well as being an excellent story in its own right. Rik also writes "Activist" for the same title. In additon Rik's work can now be read in "Disney's Comic" at newsagents now. In fact his strips for "Teamo Supremo" have been praised by the TV show's creator. You can check it out at ""

Will Hadcroft, writer of the forthcoming Doctor Who story "The Chattath Factor" has had his first novel published. "Anne Droyd and Century Lodge" is an excellent children's SF adventure in which the lives of three kids are changed for ever when Anne, a super-powered robot girl arrives with her fugitive scientist 'father'. Find out more at or Amazon.

Coming soon is "The Nightmare Fair", a fan reconstruction in the style of the BBC missing stories CD's. Adapted and produced by Robert Dunlop from Graham William's script and novelisation, it is being produced for charity. As well as Fine Line's input, it will feature contributions from Everlasting Films, The Federation and MJTV (Soldiers of Love). To find out more go to ""

Remember you can leave any comments about Fine Line on our forum, which now has a more prominent position on the front page of the Fine Line website. In addition I'll post any major news eg. a story being released on the Outpost Gallifrey forum and one or two other message boards.

Thanks for your continued interest.
Gareth Preston

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