Issue 10

Hi there. The newsletter's name is even more appropriate this time out because the big news is that all 6 Fine Line stories have been released on the Internet. You may have read this news already on rec.arts.drwho, Outpost Gallifrey, the FloorTen message board or elsewhere.
Each story is available as two mono MP3 files which are 'radio quality' ie. perfectly listenable but less than CD quality. Most of the files are around 6Mb large. The exception is Trick of the Light which has been divided into four files because of its length.

You can find them at and I'd like to thank the site's creator Kenny Davidson for generously offering quality, ad-free server space. Click on the Download button and then select the Audio section to get to the stories. You can also reach the same page via the Doctor Who section of the Fine Line home site.

All the stories are still available as CD's in high quality stereo and future stories will be simultaneously released on CD and online. Due to sharply falling demand I'm going to start phasing out the cassette versions, with Final Frame being the last story to be available in both formats.

I've decided to go the online route for several reasons, the main one being getting these stories out to a larger audience. It seems to be working, with over 1000Gb of data downloaded from the site since the stories went online last week. Another reason is to 'clear the decks' a bit and emphasise that these are fanzine style, non-profit stories, at a time when I am hoping that Agents of Psyence might be the first of further self-generated titles, advertised in magazines. More on AOP next issue.

The Timelord site also contains a huge library of DW fan fiction created by the members of the YaWho club, some of which is very good indeed. Not to mention an archive of reviews and features including TV Zone's BBC book coverage, the complete JM&KH DW audio series in MP3 and several short video films including a supernatural morality tale called Help Wanted and a fan produced DW video called Future Investment. The videos are in RealPlayer format.

Message Board

It's now easier to let us know what you think about anything Fine Line related, thanks to FloorTen. I am now sharing an excellent Doctor Who audio message board with several other producers, where you can leave messages and questions which I'll try to answer. You must register with an email address first but it is free. Have a look by going to or go directly to our part with


A couple of weeks ago we started recording a new story by new writer (for us) Zoltan Dery. For the first time we've started working out of sequence since "Madhouse" is not due until two other stories have been made. However it's good for once to get ahead. The recording went fairly well, although I learnt that trying to record a story in order, in one long recording is actually harder than out of sequence rehearse/record. Nevertheless the cast performed excellently and recording in a large rehearsal room gave the recording an atmospheric reverberation. Hopefully this haunted house chiller will be available by the end of next year.

That's all for now, more news soon. Thanks for your support.
Gareth Preston
September 2001

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