Very British Futures

The Uninvited

Photographer Steve Blake witnesses a horrific car crash, in which James Wilson, head of British Nuclear Power, is burned to a crisp. He is stunned the next day when he sees Wilson alive and well. Irresistably drawn to investigate, he finds the trail leads to the lost village of Sweet Hope, which fell into the sea but its population was miraculously saved. Or were they?

Essentially a British spin on the 60's TV show The Invaders, The Uninvited was broadcast on ITV in 1997 in four episodes. The initial idea came from Leslie Grantham, who originally proposed it as an ongoing series to the BBC. Eventually it moved to ITV and reworked as a self-contained mini-series. It was written by Peter Bowker, a busy television writer with credits from Casualty, to Eric and Ernie, to his current success of The A Word. Equally well-experienced television veteran Norman Stone directed. The most notable telefantasy name on the credits belongs to producer Ruth Boswell, who also produced Shadows and The Tomorrow People, along with script-editing Timeslip and Escape Into Night.

Joining me to talk about this forgotten show were John Isles and Nicky Smalley. John Isles is a writer, director, producer and occasional actor as one part of an amateur short film-making team, that have won several awards. He has written solo and co-written with Charles Auchterlonie short stories published by Big Finish. Nicky Smalley is a Software Engineer for DWP and an actor, performing in theatre, and appearing on both UK and US television.

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