Very British Futures


A group varied, courageous pioneers had a unique opportunity: the chance to build a new and better future on another planet. But now the frontier town of Forthaven feels more like a prison, with a colony on the verge of tipping into extinction. When the final colony ship arrives from Earth, it brings terrible news about their home world. Meanwhile the slave race of genetically engineered humans, the true Outcasts, has set up their own normadic tribe and endanger the future of Forthaven.

Outcasts was an eight-part series broadcast on BBC1 between 7th February and 13th March 2011 with a repeat the following year. It was the brainchild of Ben Richards, who’d already made an impact as the creator of BBC dramas Party Animals and The Fixer. After researching the experience of the early European settlers in Australia, he was looking to write about being a pioneer and forming a new community in an unknown land. Since that was a difficult story to tell in the present day, a new planet and a futuristic setting seemed the ideal stage. The series was three years in preproduction, but then a full season was green-lit on a tight deadline.

It was great to welcome back three old friends of the podcast: Nicky Smalley, Dr Rebecca Wray and John Isles to take a look back at this would be brand new franchise that never seemed to find the either a cult of a mainstream audience.

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